My experience working as a software engineering intern at HandUp was incredibly fulfilling and enlightening. I was intellectually stimulated through solving complex engineering problems, engaged in civic growth through working indirectly for nonprofits and visiting their facilities, and applied my Stanford education in a directly impactful way. It blew me away, knowing that the code I wrote was helping a real person do things such as purchasing their next meal or buying a winter coat. At HandUp, I received a rare opportunity to learn about and engage with the nuances of developing software products for marginalized groups. Moreover, because HandUp was a startup of under ten employees, I was able to see the day-to-day business and marketing operations of running a startup as well. The internship gave me the skills and knowledge to pursue the development of my own software applications, and I plan on building projects that combine software and social good in the future.

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Raga ayyagari TEACHAIDS


Working at TeachAids and learning more about their research based approach to designing educational materials helped me see how to bridge my academic studies in public health sciences and research methods with my interest in education and public service.  Serving as an intern at TeachAids, I was able to see how many perspectives- from basic sciences and epidemiology to educational theory to communications theory- intersect in understanding HIV/AIDS and designing culturally appropriate education materials [...] I am extremely grateful to the Haas Center, SENSA, my team at TeachAids, and my friends and family for supporting my academic and personal growth this summer. Building on my past public service experiences, working at TeachAids gave me valuable insights into how to integrate research, non-profit operations, and large-scale partnerships to design and scale innovations in public health. As an aspiring researcher and educator, this experience provided me with valuable skills and perspectives that I hope to integrate into my career.

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My time at Carbon Lighthouse showed me what it really means to be a social entrepreneur, to succeed while making the world a better place. It was my first time working for a truly mission-driven company, where everyone’s passion for outdoors and the environment showed through both their tenacity at work and their fun-loving adventures outside of it. I learned how to instill values in a company from the very beginning, so they stay true no matter how big the company gets. Carbon Lighthouse didn’t just want me to do my job, they wanted me to feel that I was succeeding and improving. They pushed me to take on challenges outside of my comfort zone, provided support for me when I didn’t know what to do next, and made sure I was always excited about the work I was doing. Working to change the world for the better is hard, but when you are surrounded by the kinds of people and optimism that I found every day at Carbon Lighthouse, you know that you can do it.