past speakers


Fall 2017: 

·   Pamela Hawley, Founder and CEO, UniversalGiving

·   Kola Masha, Founder and Managing Director, Babban Gona

·   Christa Gannon, Founder & CEO, Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY)

·   Anne Moses, Founder and President, IGNITE

·   Marcello Palizzi, Co-Founder, B LAB Europe

·   Nick Tilsen, Founder, Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation

·   Doniece Sandoval, Founder and CEO, Lava Mae

·   Steve Davis, CEO, PATH

·   Lesley Marincola, Founder and CEO, Angaza Design

·  Lucy Bernholz, Senior Research Scholar, PACS & Director, Digital Civil Society Lab

Spring 2017: 

·   Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Founder And President Of The Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF)

·   Chris Ategeka, Founder And CEO Of Rides For Lives

·   Lucy Sanders, CEO And Co-Founder Of The National Center For Women & Information Technology (Ncwit)

·   Eren Bali, Serial Entrepreneur Who Co-Founded Udemy

·   Christopher Gray, Founder Of Scholly

·   Susan N. Herman, President Of The American Civil Liberties Union

·   Marc Freedman, Founder And CEO Of Encore.Org

·   Larry Kramer, President Of The William And Flora Hewlett Foundation And The Former Dean Of Stanford Law School 

·   Vince Siciliano, President And CEO Of New Resource Bank

·   Ann Mei Chang, Executive Leader At The Intersection Of Innovation, Technology, And Global Development. Previously, Chief Innovation Officer And The First Executive Director Of The U.S. Global Development Lab At Usaid.

Fall 2016: 

·   James Bildner, CEO, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

·   Xavier Helgesen, Co-Founder and CEO, Off Grid Electric

·   Zac Bookman,  CEO, Opengov

·   Alexandra Bernadotte, Founder And CEO, Beyond 12

·   Jini Kim, Founder And CEO, Nuna Health

·   Matt Flannery, Co-Founder, Kiva; Founder And CEO, Branch.Co

·   Laura Stachel, Co-Founder And Exec. Director

·   We Care Solar And Saru Jayaraman, Co-Founder And Co-Director. Roc United.


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